International Collaborations


The University of Comilla has achieved great success in terms of collaboration. It has created a new position to strengthen its capacity building in the area of ‘International Collaboration’. The Director of ‘International Collaboration’ has been able to initiate dialogue with Coventry University. He has successfully signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bedfordshire University and Orcestor University UK. Recently four more MOU have been signed with the University of Malaya, Uniersiti Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), University of Hampton (USA) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (India) with the departments of Law, Business and FDT respectively. The authority is closely working with some Canadian Universities of international repute for collaboration, exchange programs and Credit Transfer as well.

International Collaboration demands, inter alia, sharing of experiences. Keeping this in mind The University of Comilla in recent time participated in International Conferences in Kulalumpur of Malaysia and Assam and Calcutta of India. Burning issues like climate change was mooted for discussion. Other issues like Culture, Society and Identity were also discussed. In these Conferences The University of Comilla organized parallel sessions which were presided over by Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University.

It may be mentioned that the motto of the The University of Comilla is Quality Education at Affordable tuition. The Government of Bangladesh has recently accepted Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which gives emphasis on Quality Education. The honorable Chairman of UGC Professor Abdul Mannan in his inaugural speech in Kulalumpur gave emphasis on Quality Education and also mentioned that Higher Education in Bangladesh is now engaged in attaining Quality Education. In this meeting the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Comilla also spoke on the role of Education in the National Development of the Country. In this Conference delegates from Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Quater, New Zealand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & Hongkong also attended.

Assam University of India organized an International Seminar on Culture, Society and Identity: Construction and Reality. Faculties of different Universities of Bangladesh and also the Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. M. Azizur Rahman, Professor Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Pro-Chancellor & Other faculties of The University of Comilla attended the seminar. The University of Comilla organized a Parallel Session here on Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation: Water Perspective. The Calcutta University organized an International Conference on Bongobidda, the faculties of The University of Comilla and also Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor attended in this Conference. Here also The University of Comilla arranged a Parallel Session on Climate Variability in Greater Bengal. In this Session Vice-Chancellor of the The University of Comilla presided.

Tokyo University of Japan Organized an International Congress on Bengal Studies from 12 to 13 December, 2015. A group of academics headed by Professor Dr. M Azizur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of the The University of Comilla participated in this Congress. Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha and others were included in this group who participated in different sessions of the Congress. Educationists of other universities and also UGC Chairman Professor Abdul Mannan participated in this Congress. Moreover during this year two more International Conferences were organized jointly by The University of Comilla and Jahangirnagar Uniersity on Rabindranath’s Thought on education and also on Folklore.

Another milestone in the international cooperation was the International Conference on “Business Management, Econmics & Social Sciences (ICBMESS), 2016” held in Westin Dhaka during December 21-23,2016. Scholars, Reserchers, Academia and Industry Experts from home & abroad participated in this International Conference. During these three days conference key note papers on Higher Education, Human Resources Management, Business Strategies, Quality Management etc were presented. The honrable Vice-Chancellor & Pro Vice- Chancellor chaired two sessions of this International Conference. Subsequently two other conferences were organized in 2017 & 2018.